About Ross India

Ross India Journey

Ross Process Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India was formed in year 2007 and started its manufacturing activities in January 2008.Ross has manufactured mixing, blending, drying and dispersion equipment since 1842. We manufacture standard and custom designs to meet the varied processing requirements of our customers.

Ross Process Equipment Pvt. Ltd. started its journey with a firm beginning of focused expansion and steady growth in mind. With a clear view of development Ross started its presence in Pune in 2007 with its well-equipped manufacturing unit. Ross is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, aiming high quality and superior performances which would provide our customers with the solutions they need to enhance their productivity and manufacturing goals.

With a vision of excellence in quality products and preserving customers virtue since 1842, our products have helped in dispersion, drying, blending, emulsification, homogenization, particle size reduction, high viscosity compounding, sub surface powder induction, agitated vacuum drying and other processes.

Ross’s products are manufactured with innovative engineering, energy efficiency, safety, and long run productivity which have been proven as one of the finest solution provider for customers. Consequently catering several sectors like food, adhesives and sealants, electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical, polymers, plastics and composites, paints, inks and coating, metals and ceramics, cosmetics and personal care etc.Ross, in India is empowered to lead with expectations of our customers by providing superior quality products and professional services.